Sunday, November 14, 2010

Assistance Requested

Well, after hours of scouring cards, creating cards, trying to find cards with the message we wanted, number/size/format of pictures, we've narrowed it to 2! I am feeling incredibly indecisive, so I need some help. I liked that Shutterfly allowed you to personalize them so that you could see exactly what the card looks like; however, I wish there were options for mixing and matching formats, # of pictures, etc. So here are the options:

Choice #1- This is Aaron's choice. He likes the simplicity of the message and all of the pictures. I'm not sold on it because there are so many pictures! Is it picture overload?

Choice #2- I like the wording more on this one, and like that there are 3 pictures. BUT there were pictures that I wanted to add that didn't fit correctly because they were short and fat instead of long and tall.

So, what do you think? #1. #2. Get 25 of each? Tell me what you think.


Faith said...

#1. It has so many awesome photos. The simplicity of the wording draws more attention to the family! Both are great. I would hang either one on my refrigerator!:)

greengracepainteddeep said...

Both are fabulous!

I love the simplicity of number one as well. Plus it gives me more of the Windles...which everyone needs and wants ;)

Number 1 also is very classic and not commercialized.

I say Number One :)

Katie said...

I vote for #1 (sorry Kristen). But that is bc I love pictures of feet:)

Sara said...

I miss some of the photos looking at the second one that are in the first one because they are so cute and great. Yes, the wording is cool in the second one but I do not miss it as much as the pictures. The wording in the first one is simple but great as well.

So I would say number one. No harm in getting both though.

Take Nothing for Granted said...

I like both. Can you order both? So professional!