Friday, February 25, 2011

months 4 & 5

These months brought rice cereal and my adventures in baby food making. Everett LOVED to eat from the very beginning. One of my favorite things about the way he eats is how wide he opens his mouth. Exhibit A:

It's hilarious and also convenient since all the food goes straight into his mouth. We didn't even use bibs until he started feeding himself. Seriously. He's just like his dad - he wants to be fed lots and quickly. As Aaron says- he wants that goodness in him.

I decided that I wanted to try to make all of Everett's baby food. I wanted to make his food because I knew I could buy organic while still saving us money. Making Everett's food was definitely a labor of love and it certainly would've been easier to just buy pre-made from the store; however, I really loved going to farmers markets and knowing exactly what I was giving my baby and where it came from! Plus, it saved us a lot of money! At 75 cents-$1 each, organic baby food adds up fast.  That's not to say that in a pinch I didn't run over to the store to grab a jar or two, let's be real, I'm a working mama and time is at a premium! But-- at the end of the day, I loved knowing that I had done my best to give Everett the healthiest food I could while not breaking the bank.

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