Friday, May 27, 2011

curls be gone

Everett's hair looked like this:

I loved it. I mean, who doesn't love baby curls. Answer =Aaron. He hated it and insisted that he wasn't "going to have a kid with a mullet." He had actually started to threaten me that one day I'd come home and Everett's hair would be cut. Finally, I relented and we went to Snip-its. The place was pretty impressive. They had distractions by the dozen and well trained hair dressers. I was amazed at how well the girl cutting his hair did! She was really patient and sweet and didn't try to rush to cut off his curls. Everett started melting down about half way through the cut. At the beginning, she pointed out the lollipops. I smiled and said thanks but no thanks, while in my head I was chuckling. Did she have any idea that the closest he's come to candy is a strawberry? that he doesn't even really drink juice? Mid meltdown I swallowed my "non sugar mom pride" and shoved that lollipop in his mouth. Everett was thrilled and so was I since my child wasn't screaming at the top of his lungs, nor having his hair unevenly cut because he was flailing around. The rest of the cut went smoothly and I ended up loving it. He looked like such a big boy with all his curls gone.  Sigh... this is going too fast.


Paul and Sarah said...

Oh too cute! Love the hair!

Shanna said...

Just came across your blog from pinterest, and I love all of the pictures of your family!! I especially love this post!! SOOO Cute!