Friday, June 17, 2011


That was today. I have been anticipating this day for the last 15 months. The day that would finally be my last as a teacher and the end of being a working mama. And while I am full of joy for this next chapter, I couldn't help but be sad to leave Downingtown. In fact, I was a blubbery mess this morning. Amidst cleaning out my desk and writing thank yous to the many people that I have come to know and love, I couldn't get the lump out of my throat. Saying goodbye to the school that made me a teacher and that gave me the opportunity to teach and invest in the lives of over 500 kids was hard. It was weird to leave something that I love so much and had worked so hard to become. I went to lunch with friends from the social studies department and then ran a few errands with Sara. Missy texted to tell me that she was hanging out with my friend Carla and to pick up Everett over there. I pulled up to the house and saw a few cars of friends that I recognized. My mind was kind of a blur and I was in my own little world as I walked around the back of the house. Kids were playing and I assumed they were having some kind of Providence (my church) mom's gathering. I walked through the doors and there were 10 of my friends yelling surprise! I cried. My sweet friends threw me a surprise party to celebrate my "retirement" and new career. It was such a blessing, so unexpected. I felt so loved.

So, today was bittersweet. There were lots of tears and moments of pure happiness with the realization that Everett is my only job from here on out. And, I'm thankful for 5 years in a career that I have loved and that has made it hard to leave.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I got chills, because I totally had this same weird experience. You know, just leaving something you really love, but for something you REALLY LOVE MORE. Its hard, and weird, but a good kind of different. So, cheers to many-a-playdate :) :)

Paul and Sarah said...

Congrats on your new job!