Saturday, June 18, 2011

pinterest addiction = idea overload

I've been in the process of re-doing our living room. We've got new furniture (which I'll post about asap) and it's very neutral, which leaves me with lots of options. I am usually pretty decisive and had picked navy blue and a bright green as the main colors to change things up. I had found bright green curtains and had been basing my living room colors around them. I had pillows to recover and went to a bunch of different fabric shops. I found some awesome fabric, but nothing with awesome prices. Case in point, these two swatches were $16/yd and $22/yd. I love them and love these patterns lately; however, I'm a stickler for price and 22 for a yard just doesn't cut it.

In the middle of this living room redesign, I found pinterest. Actually, Missy did and she made me do it :) I love it. It's got so many good ideas about design, kids, etc. I found that there were SO many spaces that had yellow in them that I just absolutely loved. I had the green curtain swatch and had been taking it around with me to the different fabric stores, but was having trouble finding fabric in the same family of colors for at a reasonable price! I came across a fabric and Jo-Anns and loved it; however, the green in the fabric just did not match the curtains. It got my brain going and after a few days I decided to completely change the direction of where I was going in the living room. I returned the green curtains and bought 6.5 yards of this fabric:

Beautiful- eh? I love it. The top pattern is to make curtains (insert my mom here) and the bottom is to recover pillows. It's Waverly fabric, so it was of course expensive. Originally $20/yard, I got it on sale at $9.99/yd plus an additional 20% off. Pretty sweet if you ask me! So there's your sneak peek at the living room fabrics. Plenty of living room updates coming soon!

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