Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7 dollar steal

I've been eyeing up a rug at Lowe's for the last month. Problem being I wasn't sure it was going to match the new curtains/pillows/etc. Also, it was $30 and I didn't really NEED it. There's that word again. Well, last night I had to get some more spray paint from Lowe's and just happened to look at the rugs. They went on sale for $23 and since I'd been obsessing on  it for a month, I decided I'd use some birthday money to get it. Up to the register I went, almost putting it back multiple times. After the cashier scanned my spray paint and rug she said, "wow, you got a good deal." I thought she meant the $23 sale and kind of gave her the yea, I guess so? look. I mean, 7 dollars off wasn't that spectacular. She said, yea, your rug is only $7.50! Wowza. That's what I'm talking about. So, I brought that nice little rug home with me and put it in our entryway. It's a pretty good match to the other colors I am bringing into the living room with the pillows, curtains, and wall art. So, there you have it. If you're looking for an adorably cheap rug, look no further than your nearest Lowe's.

 Side note--- there were 4 different rugs being sold from this company. Is it me, or are all the other kind of hideous? Either way, I'm glad they got at least one right! I'm loving the pop of color and the pattern right when you walk in the door!


Paul and Sarah said...

Awesome steal! What you didnt like the zebra print?! Love the rug!

Paul and Sarah said...

What other project are you doing that you needed spray paint? Cant wait to see it.

Kristen said...

haha yea- I mean who wouldn't love that zebra print rug... as for the spray paint... I hope to have some pics up this weekend!