Friday, August 12, 2011

loose lips

Everett loves to kiss. He does this adorable little pout where he sticks out his bottom lip a little bit and leans in for a smooch.

He's mastered the closed mouth kiss (thank goodness) but he's been cutting teeth for the last month so they're usually wet, sloppy smooches. He humors me when I say I want another one, and another one, and another one. He tries to kiss Aunt Erika through the computer when we skype. He sticks out his pouty lip and lets the dogs kiss him. His favorite smoocher is daddy though.

I love it. He is so sweet and cute when he leans in to kiss me; however, he hasn't quite figured out that you don't kiss just anyone. He tried to kiss the waiter at Victory and the cute girls sitting at the next table, he attempted to kiss a woman at Lowe's last night, and has offered his kisses to more than one kid at church. haha. We're working on it, but either way, I'm loving those loose little lips.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

hahah! I love it! Eme went through the "Kiss everyone" phase and it was kind of embarrassing. Like, really, Emeline? The checkout guy at walmart? Was kind of awkward. Now? It's a sad day. When I ask for a kiss she shakes her head no and gives one to the dog instead. Sad sad momma.

heidi said...

So sweet! Makes my heart melt when Jezze initiates a kiss. Haven't hit the stage where she kisses EVERYONE though!

Bejogger17 said...

He is so sweet! I can't wait to get a kissy from Everett soon xoxo