Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marley Dog

Sadly, since the entrance of one Mr. Everett, there has been some major doggie neglect on the blog. I started this blog when we got our original baby Marley. We adopted him in May of 2008. He was a crazy puppy and I spent endless hours exercising him, loving him, and training him. February 2009- enter dog #2. Marley had a playmate in Kai, but also someone competing for my attention. They learned to love each other and settled into life together. We went on walks every day and life was good. March 2010- enter baby #1. I'm sure if you asked Marley (and if he could talk) he'd say he could do without the kid. He likes Everett well enough and LOVES him at meal time; however, there's a lot less Marley time because of Everett. I guess that's just life. The really nice thing about dogs is that regardless of how much time you have for them and how much attention you pay them, they're always happy to see you. So here's to you my Marley dog. My first baby. I still love you lots.

The Paper Mama

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