Friday, September 16, 2011

recipe of the week

If you're like me, I'm a sucker for crockpot meals. There's just something about making dinner early and not stressing about it the rest of the day. I came across this recipe for Crockpot BBQ Chicken and knew I had to try it. It took literally less than 5 minutes of prep time which I loved. I threw the chicken breast in frozen. I paired it with these green beans and Alexia all natural waffle fries. It fell apart and was yummy; however, a little dry. I guess it's something about slow cooking chicken that just does that. Bummer. The green bean recipe was kind of a bust too. They were tossed in equal parts lemon juice/olive oil. It was different tasting, but nothing we really loved. On the Everett scale, he only ate about 5 bites and they were forced. On the husband scale, it was a 6/10. 1 being he hated it and 10 being he liked it so much he wants me to make it again tomorrow night for dinner. So there you have it, recipe of the week. Anyone have any good crockpot meals I should be trying?

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