Tuesday, October 18, 2011

bakefest 2011

It's been a busy baking week around these parts. Friday was my man's birthday.  He loves pumpkin and anything pumpkin flavored for that matter and so began bakefest 2011. I had seen so many good recipes for pumpkin stuff and was dying to try some of the recipes. Friday morning I made Aaron pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  I mixed the dry ingredients the night before and woke up early to finish them for his breakfast. I never get up that early anymore, but it was nice to lay there with my birthday boy and watch some early morning netflix ... haha I'm forcing him to catch up with me on Friday Night lights. Anyway, that afternoon I made him his traditional pumpkin pie. Every year for his birthday his request is his very own pie. I'm not one of those "i love pumpkin pie people" which I'm pretty sure Aaron loves because he is stingy with that thing! Saturday I ended up making Crockpot Buffalo Chix recipe that I found on pinterest. Aaron loves hot, spicy, and anything with Frank's red hot on it. These were BLAZING hot and toned down a little with some cheese on the sandwich. Aaron liked them when he wasn't breathing fire... Sunday I crossed another thing off of my fall fun list- making pumpkin pancakes. I decided to finish off Aaron's birthday weekend with some more pumpkin love. I made this recipe and they were great. It was almost like pumpkin pie in a pancake. They were really filling and the recipe made a TON, so if you make these plan on inviting friends for breakfast or freezing a whole lot of them! Add in 2 meals for friends that had babies recently and I was a baking fool this week. It's funny though, I am loving it. I've always enjoyed cooking and now that I've got some more time for it, I'm enjoying it even more. Well, I'm off--- more baking to do. No seriously, I'm bringing muffins for bible study tomorrow.

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