Monday, October 31, 2011

roff roff roff

That's Everett's doggie imitation. He love dogs. I'd say besides mama and daddy, his best friends are our dogs. He chases them around the house, tries to ride them (never works), tries to eat his food like them, and yells doggie! doggie! doggie! in the morning until they make their way into his room for a good morning kiss. Needless to say, his Halloween costume was a no brainer. It helped that my sister gave us the perfect little dog costume to wear (thanks Erika)!  I wanted to make sure that Everett would wear the costume, so for weeks he's been trying it on, playing in it, etc. so that I had no doubt he'd wear it for Halloween.

Last year, we didn't really do trick or treating. He dressed up, but that was about it. Everett was just a little peanut. Side note--- was he seriously ever that little?!

This year was a different story. We went trick-or-treating with our cousins and friends the Riggs fam. We went around their neighborhood to a few houses, hit up Aunt Nancy's house, and then headed out to the farm to see Great Grandpop and the Windles. It only took Everett a little while to understand what he was collecting and quickly proceeded to pleeeease us into getting the goods. The kids were so funny. By the time we got to Grammie and Grandpop's house they were so buzzed on sugar they were literally bouncing off the walls and each other. They were running in circles dancing, yelling, wrestling, and just being generally, all around crazy. It was great. I wish I would've videoed it. Such fun memories.

take #1 of about 30

it's the best we got ;) 

Great Grandpop

hopped up on sugar. notice the chocolate all over my chin...

Happy Halloween!


Paul and Sarah said...

Oh my sooooo cute! Best dog ever!

Dana Marie said...

super cute pictures of your little mister, but it has to be said in true roomie fashion... I love your boots. :)