Friday, October 7, 2011

a trip to the burgh and the coolest kids museum. ever

Being a full time mom has some serious perks and one of them is the freedom to make my own schedule. We try to go to Pittsburgh as often as we can, but have always been limited by our jobs. Now I can go to Pittsburgh for long weekends like I did this last week. My parents took off a few days from work and Everett and I were able to just spend time with my family and friends.

Sunday I got to watch the Steelers game with some of my bests Amy, Lauren, and Leah. The Steelers lost (boo) but it was great seeing Lauren and Matt's new house and hanging out with my sweet friends.

Aunt Amy and Aunt Lauren

cheesing in my new jersey from Aunt Laur

Monday my parents and sister Erika took us to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. It was seriously the coolest place I've been to with Everett yet. There was so much to do a kid could get ADD from it. Seriously though, if you are ever are in Pittsburgh with kids, go there. They will love it.

they had an entire area for art. i loved the screenprinting

all of the impressive kids art

this was seconds before Everett stuck his hand in the paint ;)
the final product

climbing the maze with Aunt E

driving with Mimi, Pop pop, and Aunt E

sand stuff with Mimi

not impressed with the hat

first of many golf lessons with Pop

gigantic light bright

favorite part = water floor... anyone surprised?

Of course while we were there my mom helped me sew something. My house would be so boring without her :)  Everett decided he would help too. You'll see the final product and where these will go soon.

And finally, on Wednesday, I was able to hang out with my college roomie Natalie and meet her sweet little boy Samuel. He's almost 3 months old and looks just like his daddy. Everett loved him too and kept trying to hug and kiss him in his swing. Nat is like super mommy. She had baked french toast casserole and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for when I got there. She's an amazing Mama already - Samuel is a lucky kid!

Everett 19 months, Samuel 3 months (almost)

Aunt Kat and Samuel

a couple of Geneva babies

We had such a great trip to Pittsburgh and can't wait to see everyone at Thanksgiving!


Paul and Sarah said...

The Children's Museum is AWESOME! When I was a nanny we went there ALL the time. The water was their favorite too! Such a cute little boy!

allisonp said...

museum DOES look awesome! haven't been to the one in Philly...maybe we could go together sometime.... OR, there's another one that's really awesome that i can't think of the name of right now.... :)