Thursday, November 10, 2011

have I ever told you that...

- I am always 5 minutes late. I'd love to say I'm that girl that's always somewhere 5 minutes early, but it just doesn't happen.  I don't know why. I guess I just always think I have more time than I do. I always think I can squeeze more things into an amount of time than would ever be humanly possible. Despite my time issues, I was always on time to school (as a teacher at least). Being a high school teacher, my life was dictated by a bell schedule. I think that's why it worked. I had no choice but to be on time. Maybe I should look into getting bells put in at my house... (Side note: since writing this I've been early like 5 times to places. I'm not going to say I'm turning over a new leaf, but at least there's hope!)

-I cannot stand to do the dishes. Seriously. I'd rather clean toilets and dirty baby bottoms. Thank goodness for a dishwasher and a husband.

-My nickname in college was Kat. It was given to me during soccer preseason my very first week of college. For 4 years, that was what everyone called me. In fact, all of my college friends still know me as that today.

-The first time I mowed the lawn was at age 23. My dad never let me because his cousin cut off a few of his toes mowing one time. I was okay with it; however, Aaron never had that traumatic experience, and thus began my mowing career.

-Fall is by far my favorite season. I loved the start of the school year/soccer, the start of something new. I love fall because it's sweater weather, football season, and 60 degrees-ish. I love mums, pumpkin patches and apple picking, changing leaves, hiking, and drinking my coffee on the back deck.

-I hate slow drivers. Maybe because I'm always running a few minutes late (see random fact #1). Seriously though, don't you people have places to be?!

- I'm not that into brand loyalty, save one that is. I use Heinz ketchup. period. There are no negotiations or mega sales that could sway that choice. My husband once blindfolded me, put ketchup on two hot dogs, and made me tell him which was Heinz. Let's just say after 5 years, he can tell a difference too ;)

-My nose grew when I was pregnant with Everett. I'm not kidding. I don't think it went back to it's normal size either. Totally strange and just one of the many joys of after baby body.

stop looking at my nose. seriously. you can't help yourself. i swear this angle adds even more to the schnoz.

So there you go. All the things you never needed to know about me. Happy Thursday!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

This is hysterical. :) I love it. Kat? I never knew. And slow drivers? Are the worst. We never, ever, ever use anything but heinz.

LWells said...

Seriously, your nose grew?? is that possible? i've never heard of such a thing, ever! and, i've never noticed that- you do not have a big nose. i think you might add "a little bit crazy" to your list :)