Monday, November 14, 2011

things i'm loving This website is awesome. I ordered that awesome chevron fabric to make my curtains and it only cost me $30 bucks WITH shipping. They have free shipping over 35 bucks, a virtual pinboard where you can put fabrics side by side to compare, and they have a money back guarentee. Example- I ordered a yard of a different fabric and when it got here I realized that 1) it wasn't thick enough for a pillow and 2) it was not quite the colors that I wanted. I emailed the company, they refunded my money the next day and they let me keep that yard of fabric. Boom. If you want fabric and fun different patterns, try this website and thank me later :)

my lace earrings. I saw these beauties at a sale for the Neema project. (Check out the link for more information on the Neema project and how you can help!) I wasn't able to grab a pair from the sale but Cait Jensen, who makes them, has an etsy shop where you can buy them too. I wear these at least once a week. They are easy and fun and light, which I need since someone is always trying to pull at my earrings.

Oikos traditional raspberry greek yogurt. This stuff is the bomb and my usual weekday breakfast. Lots of protein and super yummy- it's a win-win.

Friday Night Lights. We got rid of cable and ended up getting streaming netflix in it's place (and for 25 bucks less a month I might add). anyway- my friend Katie kept posting about this show, so I gave it a try and then I got hooked. That's the bad thing about netflix- it's all of the episodes for every season, for the entire show series. Let's just say Aaron was glad when we finished this so he could have his wife back ;) If you haven't watched this, you should.'s couch to 5k app. I'll go into more details about my run after this Saturday, but this has been perfect. The app was $1.99 and it gave me a training program to follow leading up to this weeks run. It also gave me a built in gps, kept track of time for me, and logged all my workouts. It was the perfect way to keep track of everything and jump start my lazy butt.

my target boots. I love these for a few reasons. 1- because they were only 35 bucks. 2- because I had a $20 gift card from my first baby study, which made them only 15 bucks. 3- the fun zipper on the side. Sure, they aren't a pair of Frye boots, but I'll survive without real leather and the price tag that comes with them. They're comfortable and have been easy to just slip on before I run out the door!

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I bought similar boots from Payless and they have been a staple ever since! I get compliments all the time on them. Who needs real leather anyway?