Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas recap - picture style

Benjamin Luke Thomas - the best Christmas present

My dear sweet friend and her baby boy

Christmas Eve Service

Uncle Seth and Brenna

Uncle Luke with his crazy beard

horsey ride

book reading

wild man

matching shirts


Grammie and Grandpop

Christmas morning gifts

I believe this was moments before both Uncle Seth and Everett toppled backwards

more horsey rides




my favorite profile

Aunt Lysa and Everett

oldest and dearest friends- just missing Amy

Aunt Laur and Everett

Everett and Franco

Christmas = Anderson style with Mimi and Pop-pop 


christmas morning breakfast tradition - Marley wants in on it
Aunt Kelsey and the boys

breakfast at Aunt Erika's

pancake lover

cousins kung fu fighting


kels showing off her dancing skills

Aunt Erika and Everett playing choo choos

Uncle Todd and Everett

Everett and Aunt Kelsey

doing work, obviously
playing trains with Pop-pop

It was a good week. Thankful for wonderful families that love us and our kiddo. What a blessing!

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