Saturday, December 3, 2011

he's closer to 2 than 1

Aaron said that to me the other day. Apparently my baby is turning into a little boy despite my protests. People ask how old he is and I tell them 21 months. Most reply, oh, so he's almost 2. Not cool. My little one still has 3 more months of being one and counting his age in months. Let's be real, no one says "my kid is 26 months" or  "he's 32 months." So, for now, I'm savoring the last of these countable months.

Everett is picking up words like crazy. He repeats everything I say to him. It doesn't always sound right, but he tries. He also picked up a few not so awesome words that he decided to use while playing with trains at Barnes and Nobles. No and mine reared their ugly heads and I'm not even sure where he learned them. Let's just say we've been doing lots of correcting and time outs this month with some of his new found words.

Everett has also started to label everything. In the stores, he introduces me to most people who will listen. The last time my parents were in town, he introduced Mommy, Mimi, and Pop pop to someone sitting beside us at lunch. He's also labeling things. When we sit down to dinner Everett points to Aaron's drink and says "Daddy D!" and then to mine "Mommy D!" When we get in the car, Everett points to the drivers seat and says "Mommy seat!" The other day he came running at me with my toms saying "Mommy shoe!" It's so funny. So darn cute.

Everett has also started watching a little bit of tv. He calls it a "show." He is only interested in watching Toy Story 3 and Tangled or the "horsey show" as Everett calls it. I'm hoping to find a few more to add into our repertoire.

Happy 21 months Everett. You are so smart and funny and full of life, but could you slow down a little please? You're growing up too fast my little man.

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Sarah said...

Oh man what a cutie! The hubs and I were just talking about the "countable months" the other day, too. We have a 16 month old, so we have some time before we give it up...LOL!