Saturday, January 28, 2012

some doggie love

Tonight I watched the movie Marley and Me. I've already seen it, and I still cried like 4 separate times. Just such a sweet story of life and family and a crazy dog. It reminded me again why we got our dogs in the first place... because we love them. because we want them. because they were the first kiddos in our family --- the first of my babies that I learned how to sacrifice for and love and take care of. 

Sometimes it's hard to see past the daily taking the dogs out and cleaning up their poop and random barking outbursts that wake up sleeping children (read Everett). Somewhere in the daily grind of life as a working mom last year, I lost some joy in my doggies. They weren't doing anything different, just wanting attention from someone who didn't have any to give. Being a stay at home mom has been really good for Marley and Kai too. They're a little less crazy, and a lot less attention deprived. Interestingly enough, Kai has become even more attached to his mama just like Everett. 

It's strange how it can take a movie to have you reflect on what you've got and what you're sometimes taking for granted... like the fact that our son is madly in love with our doggies. So much so that he insists on saying goodnight and I love you to both dogs, every night. So much so that he insists on sleeping with two stuffed dogs that are no doubt replicas of his favorite playmates. So much so that each morning he yells "doggies!" doggies" while still in bed. So much so that he wants share his food with them all day long. So much so that he doesn't mind being run over, bumped into, knocked over, or licked to death.

Here's to you Kai baby. Thai! Thai! to Everett. My sweet one. My "I'm going wherever you go" dog. My playful puppy.Everett's favorite. I love your soft fur and sweet kisses.

And here's to you my Marley dog. Mar-nee to Everett. My smart one. My "I'll do anything for a treat" dog. My crotchety old man dog. I love your head tilts and the way you curl up under my feet in bed and that occasionally for a treat you let Everett take a "ride."

Two big dogs in a townhouse can make life a little harder, a little more complicated. But, having dogs, our dogs, certainly makes life sweeter.


Cait Jensen said...

My favorite post yet :)

Helene said...

This warms my heart.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Me becoming a sahm/wahm was the best thing ever for Mac. He is SO much more well behaved!!