Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 home shtuff

Just like last year, I'm getting around to my DIY house goals a month into the new year. whatever. This year I'm going to try to finish up all the rooms that are 3/4 finished, and have a few new projects.

1. Clean, organize, goodwill, throw out and organize our finished basement (already started).
2. Create a collage wall in the living room reading nook.
3. Paint vanity and frame out builder grade mirror in half bath.
4. Paint master bath, get new lighting, frame out builder grade mirror.
5. Get new lighting and frame out the builder grade mirror in the hall bath. 
6. Paint guest bedroom a lovely gray and paint ceiling, trim and closet doors white.
7. Move guest bed to the basement and somehow create a play room/guest bed area.
8. Make Everett a big boy bedroom!
9. Find a nice large piece of art for the dining room.
10. Clean up the walkout area below the deck.

Still to finish from last years list (whoops):
1. Get artwork for master bath and master bedroom.
2. Paint ceiling fan in master bedroom.

There you have it. Lots of little things and a few big jobs. Sorry husband- we've got work to do!


Jan said...

But what about the golfing?

ABender said...

love this list kristen! when you start painting with grey call me, it's the trickiest color to work with, it can easily turn lavender or blue. I found a great custom mix from sherwin williams (after many attempts)that I can give you.