Tuesday, February 7, 2012

what a difference curtains make

So remember last year when I finally, one year late, revealed Everett's nursery? Yeah, well, another year after that, I feel like the space is finally finished. It only took 2+ years. When we started the nursery, I had a hard time deciding on window treatments. I decided I didn't want curtains because of the nice big windows and originally found these cute bamboo roll down blinds. I loved all of the light that streamed into the room and then quickly changed my mind when I realized it was waking Everett up with the sun. Insert faux wood blinds here. These were better at blocking out the sunlight, but I just kept thinking that something was missing.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I've been brainstorming ideas for Everett's big boy room. He's found his way out of his crib multiple times and it's making me think that we're going to need to switch his bed soon. I was randomly looking at west elm's website and found these amazing curtains! I'm going with gray and white in his room and so these looked like just the right fit. Best of all they were on a super sale, so I snatched them right up! Much to my surprise, when they showed up at my house they were not gray at all, but brown. It was quite a lucky surprise considering they looked perfect in the nursery (and the fact that I couldn't return them)! So here's Everett's room reveal- take two.

as you can tell i'm no photographer- stupid light

the curtains are closed pretty much all day because of nap time and night time

the actual design- love it!

And just for kicks- a quick before/after:

So there you have it. Another room reveal. I'm loving these curtains. I never realized what a huge difference curtains make until I started making them focal points in my house (here and here). I've also since decided that getting new curtains are like buying new clothes, but better.

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