Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hawaii (part 2)

Got up and watched the sunrise. Drove up the coast with my love. Got fresh smoothies. Picked up Steve and Helene from the trail and heard about their crazy day of backpacking. Went to Anini Beach. Snorkeled. Thought I was going to scrape belly on the rocks. Checked out the local Hawaiian thrift shops. BBQ'd burgers for dinner. Watched Steve chomp through watermelon seeds. Talked about kids and life. Chopped open a coconut.

view from our balcony

driftwood. if only I could've brought some home


it was 6am- this is the best we could do

the people who took this photo said "wow - this is an incredible shot" I'm not sure we're looking at the same photos...

22 week bump headed to the beach

view from the car

Hanalei in the distance

empty like most beaches

crazy one lane bridge times two

Searched for Steve's sunglasses. Drove up to the Northern Coast. Shopped in the town of Hanalei. Stopped at the Tropical Taco for fish tacos and fish and chips. I ate ono fish and actually liked it. Tunnels Beach. Most beautiful beach yet. More snorkeling. Lots of sunshine, book reading and seashells. Hanalei Beach. Best swimming beach. Boogie boarding. Dogs on the beach. Dressing in the car. Luau. Hula dancers. Fire show. Amazing food - pork and coconut cake especially. Stopped off for some star gazing.

Tunnels Beach



this girl could shake it


Nukumoi Surf Shop. Surfing. Sunbathing with Monk seal. Last afternoon at the beach. Crashing into rocks on surfboards. Pina Coladas and Mai Tais by the pool. Spouting horn. Sunset. Trinket shopping. Tidepools Restaurant.

Hawaiian monk seal

so cute

first time surfer

pre-scrapes, cuts, and lava rock in toes

Me and Helene

Spouting Horn

last night in Hawaii

Last morning of coconut pancakes. Laid by the pool for the morning. Crazy eat all the food and pack mode. Check out. Waimea Canyon. Coconut caramel macadamia nut ice cream. Historic Koloa town. Shipwreck beach - contemplated jumping. Subway. Lihue airport. Aloha Hawaii. 

Grand canyon of the Pacific

quite possibly one of my favorite pictures

Windles and Norri


our ride for the week- 2012 Lincoln Navigator

one of the million roosters on the island

Old Koloa Town

Shipwreck Beach

"we should just jump. seriously"

View of our resort
last picture in Hawaii

baby bump and the Pacific

the end

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