Wednesday, June 20, 2012

moments to hold on to

Most days, I walk around with my phone in my hand. Often times, it's so I don't miss a moment to take a picture of Everett or a text from Aaron. But the problem is that it often just distracts me. I was laying in bed last night and felt convicted that it's too much, just like I was convicted back in January. I'm often mindlessly checking my email or instagram for the 15th time that day instead of watching Everett play with his cars. So, today I left my phone upstairs on my nightstand. I wanted to be present with him - to pay attention to the little things he was doing and saying and not worry if I caught it on camera. I didn't want to have that as an excuse to keep my phone around to distract me. There were moments that I wanted to capture but instead, I just enjoyed them. It made me think of that verse soon after Jesus was born and Mary's reaction to what the shepherds were saying. I don't think I fully understood it until this morning when I read the message version.

Mary kept all these things to herself, holding them dear, deep within herself. (Luke 2:19)

I've found that some days I'm missing these opportunities to hold on to, to treasure up, and to cherish. I'm missing them because I'm too busy trying to capture them for others. I'm missing them because I'm distracted by my phone. I'm missing them because I'm tired and pregnant. The thing is though--- I should be missing these moments less. 

Don't get me wrong- I won't stop taking pictures or trying to document little moments throughout the day. But I don't ever want to look back after Everett is grown and see that I missed the chance to live in the moment with him, to say yes instead of hold on let me get this picture first. To ruin the moment when he puts his little hand on my shoulder watching tv or says (c)'mon mommy and reaches out his hand. So I'm going to try harder. I'm realizing that those moments don't have to be shared with everyone. That it's okay to save them for me. That it's okay to treasure them and not let anyone else have them. Because in 20 years, other people won't care about the little things that Everett and I did that one summer, but I will. And I want to remember those moments that pictures didn't capture. I want the memories of time spent with my son where I gave him my presence and all of it.

Everett - Here's to many more days like today. I love you and these moments endlessly.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I love this. I've been leaving my phone some nights plugged in the charger. While I REALLY WANT TO take my phone for our family walks, or while we're outside playing once Dec is home--I realized (like you) that it's okay, too, that I can just have those memories for myself. I'm totally guilty of the documenting. But I have lots of moments too that I don't catch and are just for all me. I did like this reminder though, so thanks for that. And glad you enjoyed your day with Everett :P

Kayla Henretty-Sniezek said...

This is so true and I needed to hear that it is ok for me to keep moments for just myself. I think I do this all the time too. I try to get as many things on camera or video to show my mom, MIL and hubby because I am the one with him all day. I think I need to have some just Mommy and Ford moments that aren't for anyone else. Thank you