Thursday, July 5, 2012

our little linguist

Everett is talking up a storm these days. It's hilarious and adorable and we absolutely love it!
Here are some of my current favorites:

--- Recently when Everett gets a treat or something special to eat he yells- "Ooooh boy- I likey!"

ring pop goatee... he "likey-d"

--- Everett has taken to backseat driving. (I'm willing to guess Aaron thinks it's way more adorable than my sideseat driving...) He'll say things like "turn the wheel daddy" "slow down daddy" "green- go!" "drive daddy!" etc.

--- If he doesn't get my attention when he yells mommy to me he starts yelling all the other names that people call me. This weekend it was "krisen!" He's also been yelling "beem!" to both Aaron and I. It took us forever to figure out, but that is his version of babe, which Aaron and I call each other often. It makes me laugh and then I have to remind him that I'm Mommy to him :)

--- Everett seemed to have found his senses too. He'll say "I snell someptin" and when I ask what he says anything from grass to stinky cows to fries. His other favorite sense is hearing. All of a sudden he'll say "ah! a noise!" and proceed to try to guess what it is.

--- We've been playing a lot of the repeat game lately too. He'll make a sound or sing or say a word and then want me to repeat it. He says, "Mommy do dat!" over and over and over.

he "snelled" doggie poop and wanted to take his turn cleaning it up...

Everett man - 
you are so smart and funny and adorable. Life with you is more fun than we ever imagined!

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

In that last photo? He looks like a FOURTH GRADER. Oh mygosh.