Monday, August 27, 2012

we bought a zoo

Okay, we didn't. We just went there. My dear friend Lauren bought Everett (and Aaron and I) a day pass for his excellent ring bearing skills at her wedding. We finally found a Saturday to go use the pass and hang out at the Philadelphia Zoo. Everett was so so excited. We talked it up and told him about all of the animals that he'd get to see while we were there. He wore his cool new elephant shirt that he was oh so proud of. The entire drive there he kept saying- I want to go to the zoo!

The day was so fun. Just the three of us. Everett's excitement was so dang cute. He would look and point at the animal and when he was done say "nother one?" and off we went to see more. He spent a lot of time on daddy's shoulders to see over the crowds. Pointing and yelling and saying hello to every single animal we met. "hi hippo!" "Hello rhino" etc etc etc.

His favorite animal was definitely the gorillas. I think mainly because one gorilla was sitting right beside the glass and Everett got to see him up close. He also really liked the reptile house and the otters who put on quite a show for him. 

Everett didn't want to leave and cried the whole way home. Apparently we've got an animal lover on our hands. We had such a fun day together --- and one of our last big adventures as a family of three.

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Paul and Sarah said...

Looks like lots of fun!