Wednesday, October 31, 2012

buzz, woody & bullseye too

Halloween was so much fun this year! We had it planned in advance- Everett would dress as Woody (from Toy Story) and his bff Nolan would be Buzz. Last week, my mother in law dropped off a horse costume she found for Graham. It was a perfect fit and I decided he would be the perfect Bullseye.

I waited until today to even break out his costume. I know my boy and know that he's rough on toys and, well, everything for that matter. We've had to sew his Woody doll back together 3 or 4 times since March, so I knew his costume didn't stand a chance if we put it on early. He was so excited when I told him about his costume and trick or treating! We tried it on before nap time. Bad idea. He cried when I made him take it back off for his nap. He was pretty excited though when he woke up and got to wear it! He kept saying "howdy partner" around the house.

sweetest cowboy ever


love him

We headed to the Lusby's neighborhood to do the trick-or-treating. It was the perfect place to walk around. People sat outside their houses, many with little fires going and costumes on. Carla and I took the boys out while Aaron, Greg and Graham stayed behind to pass out candy. Everett and Nolan were so dang cute together. They got the hang of only going up to houses if there were "people" and saying "trick or treat" and "thank you" when they got candy. They held hands and made sure they each got candy at the houses we went to.


trick or treat

to infinity and beyond


After about 45 minutes of trick or treating, the boys (we) were done. We headed back to check out their loot, eat some amazing chicken tortilla soup and hang out. We had such a great night and the boys loved it. Friends are so much fun. Happy Halloween all!


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