Monday, November 26, 2012

oldest and dearest

I've got four friends that I grew up with. They're my oldest and dearest friends. We've been friends ranging from 15-24 years.. and I'm 29. I met Alysa in kindergarten. We have been friends ever since. I met Lauren, Leah, and Amy in middle school. We stayed friends through high school, and college, and for the last six years since we graduated. We went to four different colleges. We have lived in different cities, states, and zip codes for most of our adult lives. We all have different careers and life looks different, but all that said, they are still some of my dearest friends. We grew up together. I have spent countless hours at their homes and with their families, and know where they come from. We have celebrated weddings and babies and jobs. We have laughed until we cried and someone peed themselves. We have been there in hard times and cried and prayed for each other. They are friends that nothing changes, despite time and distance.

This weekend we had our ten year high school reunion. It was awkward at times, but being there reminded me of these friends that I made there. The four friends that are family. I'm so lucky to have them. So thankful for friends like this. Everyone should be this lucky.

best friends since 1990

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Basically, what I got from this post is: you have always had great arms.

the end ;)