Thursday, February 14, 2013

the small things

I think in life and relationships it's easy to see the big stuff and easy to forget the small things. So often, I take for granted the small stuff. And lately, I've been really thinking about my husband and all the little stuff that he does that adds up to big stuff for me. 

-the way he makes coffee for me, every morning, even if he's not going to drink it
-the way he takes the dogs out before he leaves for work so that I don't have to
-the way he puts my phone on my nightstand because he knows I like to know the time when I get up
-the way he saves me the good creamer if there's not much left, because he knows I don't like milk in my coffee
-the way he changes Graham's diaper and gets Everett to the bathroom if they wake up before he leaves
-the way he gets dressed downstairs so that he doesn't wake me up shuffling around to get dressed

All these things happen before 7 am every single day.


I so appreciate you and all of the countless small things that you do daily that add up to one big awesome life together. You are the best husband and friend I could have ever asked for.


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Courtney Madden said...

Hello! As a new blog that I follow, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. It's a fun little blogger-to-blogger award. You can get more details on my blog, Another blogger nominated me, so now I'm passing it along! I hope you'll join in the fun!