Saturday, February 2, 2013

thrift store randoms

I follow lots of blogs- mom blogs, diy and home blogs, but my most favorite blog is Young House Love. I love the way their humor, their knack for design, and their DIY skills. So anyway, they randomly had a Thrift shop blog challenge. I saw it and didn't actually plan on participating, until I found myself at Goodwill the other day. The challenge was spend 20 bucks or less and then share all your treasures. Apparently, there were other hilarious parts to this challenge, but I only half read it. Oops? 

Anyway- I only bought 2 things and spent less than 5 bucks. I got Everett a sweet dinosaur puzzle. He's all about the Dinosaur Train (a show on PBS), so it was perfect to add to his puzzle collection... especially for 97 cents! The real treasure was a little vintage booster seat for Everett. For the last few months, we've been dealing with Everett wanting to sit at the dining room table like a big boy, but he is constantly wanting to stand up to see things. I've been on the hunt for a booster seat, but wasn't really trying to spend very much money on it. Enter Goodwill. I saw it and almost passed it up, until I realized what it was. I even picked it up and then put it back down. Thankfully, I ended up bringing it home with me! It's got a grippy material on the bottom (like the kind you put under rugs or to line cabinets) and it's vinyl, so it's easily cleaned off. The pattern is fun and vintagey without competing with other patterns in the dining room. He was super pumped about his special seat, and I'm super pumped that I don't have to ask him to sit down 437 times per meal.

3.97 - holla!

Everett approved

I love it and better yet, Everett loves it! 


Susan Lentz said...

Oh my gosh, I love that booster seat! The pattern is adorable and the vinyl aspect is perfect. I'm so jealous and I don't even have kids yet! It must be the fact that it would match my dining room perfectly. :)

I only picked up one item with my $20, but I was equally excited about my find!

Jen said...

That booster seat is awesome, so much cooler than the plasticy ones in stores!

katie ridings said...

That's so cool!! What a good idea :)

Celeste Glasser said...

$3.97 to save asking him to sit down 437 times. Money well spent. That is a great find, indeed!

Paul and Sarah said...

Very cool!

chrissy said...

you totally lucked out with that amazing pattern and the easy-clean vinyl. totally random - wouldn't that print be fantastic on a shower curtain? great find!