Monday, July 22, 2013

the summer of kristen

That's what Aaron has dubbed this summer. I think it has a nice ring to it. ;) I turned the big 3-0 on July 1st. Aaron let me know he had two presents planned. One was a date night to the city on July 6th. The second was my present that was scheduled for July 11th. Those were the only details that he'd give me. Needless to say, I was super pumped! We are both pretty low key and usually do a date night and a small gift for birthdays. Aaron was going all out - I couldn't wait!

I had an idea that he may be planning some kind of surprise. No one said anything and Aaron didn't slip up on any details, but I just had a feeling. Our dinner date was supposed to be in Philadelphia at a fancy and expensive restaurant. Anyone that knows me well knows that I'd rather order a pizza and take the extra money to go shopping. haha. I really do love date nights though, and was looking forward to an evening kid-less. We showed up at my in-laws to drop off the boys. I noticed a few of my good friend's cars parked out front. When we got out of the back door there was a big "surprise!" and there stood 80 of my favorite people. Like I said, I wasn't totally surprised, but when I started to look around, I noticed that it wasn't just my local friends and family. Surprise! There stood my mom, sister and nephew from Pittsburgh, my aunt from Ohio, my friend Sara and her family from Scranton, and my friends the Curytos from North Carolina. I started to cry. I cried harder when Aaron told me that he'd invited my best friends from growing up and my younger sister from Nevada and that they had tried to make it. He had spent months planning, trying to surprise me and wanting me to feel incredibly loved. I found out later that when he was "working late" the night before, he had actually been grocery shopping and setting up tables and tents and working to make the party perfect. I was so overwhelmed with all of the details and love that went into that surprise. That man is amazing. And so are my friends and family. We spent the rest of the day swimming and hanging out and eating. Best gift ever.

Until the next week. I woke up on the 11th to a note from my husband. He took a half day off of work and booked me an amazing afternoon.

The afternoon was perfect and relaxing. I couldn't believe how much thought and time and love went into all of my birthday celebrations. Husband- you did an amazing job of making me feel incredibly loved and celebrated. Best birthday ever. xoxo.

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Paul and Sarah said...

How sweet! And FUN!!!
Totally brought a tear to my eye how sweet it must of been to be surprised.