Friday, August 23, 2013

11 months

Graham has turned into a little wild man this month. It's so much fun. He wants to be playing whatever Everett is and gets into everything.

He is eating like a maniac. If he's in his high chair, he expects to have food in front of him. Most meals he eats more than Everett! He shovels in food by the handful. I've tried to teach him the sign for more, but every time I use it he looks at me and yells, as if saying "Mom, I'm not signing this to you. You know I want more food!"

He's starting to sleep in a little later. He's been my early riser since the beginning, usually waking in the 6-7 hour. The past few weeks he's been stretching it to somewhere between 7-8. Thank the Lord! We Windles are not morning people. Graham has 6 teeth - 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. He's sporting a signature Michael Strahan smile that Everett had as well. Never has a gap toothed smile looked this cute.

Even with all his wildness, he is still as sweet and laid back as ever. After leaving him for 10 days, he picked back up nursing like it was nothing.  This month was so fun and so busy. It's looking like life with 2 little boys is going to be as wild, busy, and fun as I imagined.

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Jan said...

Certainly is Captain Adorable!! Precious Graham!!