Wednesday, September 11, 2013

a year of Graham

My Graham man,

365 days later and I am more smitten with you every day that passes. We didn't know that you'd be a boy or a little brother for Everett to play with. We didn't know that you'd steal our hearts from day one. We didn't know you'd love sleep and food as much as your dad. We didn't know that you'd be the gold standard in babies and ease us into life with 2 kids. We didn't know you'd be so different from your brother and yet just as amazingly awesome. We didn't know that you would make our family feel more complete.

The things we did know were that this year would pass quickly and it did. We knew we would savor it and you so much more than we let ourselves with your brother. Your first 5 months you fell asleep on us every night and we didn't worry that you wouldn't be able to sleep on your own. We held you and rocked you as long and as much as we wanted. We let you move at your own pace not worrying about the next milestone or "thing" that you needed to be doing. We just got to enjoy you. It was as if your contentment and laid back-ness just rubbed off on us. I'm so glad I can look back on this year and know that we spent it living in the moments and not worrying about all the things we did the first time around.

You are starting to be wild and crazy like your brother. I love watching your personality showing up in different ways. I love watching you chase after Everett and love watching you want to be with him. I love that you have like 12 nicknames because of your dad and brother and uncles. I love the way you greet me with a huge smile every morning. I love the way you smile biggest for daddy. I love being your mama. Life is better, happier and fuller because you are in it Graham.

I love you endlessly.
xo- Mama

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