Monday, March 3, 2014

four whole years

Dear Everett man,

Happy Birthday! I cannot believe you are 4?! It seems like yesterday I was waddling out of Walmart after my water broke and so excited/nervous/scared about all of the unknowns of being your mama. You have calmed all those fears. You're amazing kiddo. Amazingly smart. Amazingly funny. Amazingly loving. Today we were reading a book that we've read only a handful of times and I skipped a few lines. You let me know that I accidentally forgot to read a page. hah. I can't get anything by you! This year you've figured out how to write your name and count really high. You love to play board games and do puzzles. You love to wrestle and get wild with Daddy. You're still trying to convince one of the dogs to sleep with you. You're working really hard to be an awesome big brother to Graham. You love chewing gum, and super heroes, and playing with your friends. You are an amazing helper, constantly wanting to help me with the dishes or laundry or letting me know Graham's on the table again.

You are hilarious and wild. Case in point:

I just can't believe what a little man you are. You still ask me often to sleep with you at naptime, and some days I oblige. I know it won't last forever, this whole you preferring me more than anyone thing. When I leave you tell me "But Mommy- I'll miss you." I love the way you love me. You are quick to forgive and simply desire my presence. Some days I just can't stop squeezing and hugging and kissing you because you're just that awesome. Other days you've got me praying a lot for understanding and patience and how to be a mom to a wild little boy.

I pray for you daily - that you'd show kindness, love Jesus, and make this world a better place. I know you're already doing that at our house. Here's to another year of firsts -  another year of learning and growing and loving each other. I am beyond blessed to call you mine.

You are and will always be my most favorite Everett. I love you so dearly my sweet boy.


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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

This gave me those mom-chills. We're right behind you and I just can't believe it. We love knowing Everett--what a sweet boy :) good job ma!