Monday, March 17, 2014

K & K do the US of A

A few weeks ago, I road tripped across the country with my younger sister Kelsey. She moved back to our hometown of Pittsburgh after 5 years in Reno, Nevada. We drove a lot. We watched Pitch Perfect 3 times. We raced the winter storm Titan (and won). We had a car dance party for about 8 hours straight during our last day of driving, which turned out to be 22 hours long. We ate in-and-out burger. We took lots of pictures. We shared the trip with 3 of her dogs, one of which is a great dane. We almost left her trailer full of stuff in Nevada... and Arizona... and every other state on the way home. We drove by the Grand Canyon and over the Hoover Dam and waved with no time to stop. We talked for hours about plans and life and dreams and nothing at all. It was a good trip, the best kind where I got to just share life for a few days with my favorite little sister. It was full of crazy and I'm so grateful we did it. Here's to hoping we can do it again one day, minus the trailer. 

Nevada = home of the RV

Reno, Nevada
on our way!

didn't mind the view

in-and-out burger newbie
good morning, Arizona

Route 66

New Mexico

oh hey, Albuquerque


my co-pilots


St. Louis

Oklahoma to Pennsylvania in 1 day


We made it!

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