Thursday, April 24, 2014

the anderson wall

I had been planning a collage wall for years. Right before Graham was born, I ( ok, it was Aaron) finally got a bunch of the frames in place and hung. Over the last 1.5 years I have added more frames and pictures. I found pictures of my Grandma as a young woman, my Grandfather in the Air Force, and my dad, aunt and uncle as kids. I have a drawing of the point in my hometown of Pittsburgh. I have a few of my favorite quotes and a picture of my sweet little boys. The art is some paint mixing that my Gram did. I love it because it has her handwriting on it. Aaron calls it the Anderson wall (my maiden name) because it's full of my family/Pittsburgh/etc. I laugh every time he says it. Maybe one day we'll add more Windle to the wall. For now, I'm thankful I get to look at it so often and see my family that's back in the burgh and all the sweetness that I'm reminded of.

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The Winters: a glimpse into newlywed living said...

It looks great !!!! And I love your pillows ;)