Monday, April 28, 2014

the zoo with 2

The last time we went to the Philly Zoo was a few weeks before Graham was born. It is actually mind boggling that Graham is almost as big as Everett was during that trip. Seriously. How did that happen?! We had such a fun day. We went with Aaron's brother and our sister in laws and his friends to do something different for Luke's birthday. It was the nicest day we've had so far this spring. The boys loved it. Everett's favorite animal there is still the gorillas. Graham liked them all, except a gigantic sea turtle.

And just for comparison sake:

August 2012

April 2014

I swear I blinked and my oldest is a foot taller. I love these memories and getting to have fun and have "adventures" as a family. Special thanks to Aunt Leslie and Uncle Tom for the tickets to go and for Aunt Allison planning such a fun day!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Oook that comparison pic. sob. and we must have been to the zoo within days of eachother! We took Em & Lu not too long ago too and it was the most picture perfect weather, ever!

Meg G said...

And Avery and I were just there on Friday! Looks like you guys had a good day too. Hoping to get back there before it gets too hot (and smelly).