Wednesday, June 18, 2014

bring on the adventure

"Uncertainty brings fear, but it also brings adventure.” 

As of 1 week ago, we are homeless. Not in the sense that we have no where to stay, but just simply that we don't own a home anymore. It was 1.5 years of praying, working, decorating, cleaning, stressing, and simplifying that led up to selling the house. It was a day that went smoothly, but one that I'd never like to repeat. At the age of 24, when we purchased the home, we were under the impression that you always make a profit when you sell your house. Not true anymore. It was a good lesson and also a really hard lesson to learn. We probably didn't understand the enormity of taking on a mortgage payment.  The repercussions came slow and steady throughout living there--- things like needing to work when I wanted to be home with Everett and not being able to move for over a year after we wanted to and using a large chunk of our savings to sell the house--- were consequences that we had to deal with. It feels good to put it behind us, like a weight lifted. And, we also feel better about buying a house second time around. We won't rush or make decisions based on anything but what's best for our family. It's a good feeling. 

There is some uncertainty from here on out. We are unsure of where our next house will be or if we'll find it or be able to buy it anytime soon. If we've learned anything though, it is to wait patiently on what God has for us. And waiting is hard to do. We live in a world of instant gratification where waiting for the internet to load is an annoyance, let alone finding a house. But, if we've learned anything from buying our first house, it's that waiting is worth it. Waiting longer to save, longer to find the right house, waiting to find the house God has for us is worth it.

For now, we're staying at Aaron's parents. We're incredibly grateful for somewhere to stay in the in between. We're living in 2 rooms, so it'll be an adventure, but, the Lord really has a sense of humor. I have been praying for a yard for my boys and dogs for the last 2 years. Aaron's parents live on 60 acres of awesome with a pool and pond, fields and woods. We've already loved walking out our back door into a beautiful yard. As always, I'm amazed at the way the Lord provides for us and how often it looks different and better than I planned.

Here's to a summer of adventuring and a house that will be worth the wait!