Friday, May 22, 2015

2.5 and totally his own


There's so much to say about this kid. His personality is SO big. He is so unique, so funny, and such a rascal. He is headstrong and independent. The phrase "marches to the beat of his own drum" was most certainly made for him. He plays just as happily alone as he does with Everett. Graham loves to accessorize. He is quite opinionated on what he wants to wear. His favorite color is "neen" (green) and he insists on wearing his choice of belt, hat, maybe a mask, and sunglasses daily. Case in point:

His shoes are always on the wrong feet, mainly because he insists on putting them on himself and he legitimately believes they belong there. There have been multiple occasions where I put his shoes on for him and I'll look an hour later and they are back on the wrong feet. He knows he is 2, but often says he is 5 just like Everett. He also thinks he plays soccer like Everett and shows up to his games in cleat and "ball shorts" as he calls them. Graham is a daddy's boy. Every morning he asks where Aaron is and then cries when I tell him work. He won't sit still to watch any kind of television, except Star Wars, which we found out he will sit for the entire 2 hour movie. Let's just say we've been watching a lot of that trilogy lately. Graham is a problem solver and insists on figuring things out on his own. He MUST put on his own pants and shorts and shoes. He isn't interested in help. He finds ways to get jobs done, whether pushing a chair across the room to rinse something off in the sink or climbing on the dining room table to get to the chandelier. Graham loves being outside. Most mornings he wants to go out as soon as he's awake and then we have to force him to come inside at night. I never knew such a little person could have so much personality. I love it.

Mr. Independent - we are so in love with you and all your antics. Life is exponentially more fun because you're in it.

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