Friday, August 22, 2008

instant family of four... make that five

A few weeks ago, Aaron and I got to watch our nephews Aidan and Ethan for the week. It was crazy :) But we loved it! While the boys were here, I was telling a friend on the phone that we had become an instant family of four... to which Aidan chimed in "family of five kiki -you forgot Marley!" We did everything from Chuck E Cheese and boating to cookouts and dirt biking. Yes, dirt biking, Aaron took both the boys out seperately and they loved it! We went swimming 3 different days... the boys are such waterbugs! Aidan and Ethan were both jumping off the diving board into "untle awin's" arms. The boys and Marley got along pretty well. With all of his crazy energy he can be intimidating but the boys told him "no mawlee dog!" when he jumped up or tried to take a chicken nugget ;) Marley got neutered and was at the vet's (or doggie doctor as we called it) overnight. When we went to pick him up, Ethan said... Mawlee dog we missed you. (it was the sweetest thing!) Erika and Todd (my sister and brother in law) came in for the weekend to see our new digs and pick up their boys. We had a great time out on the boat and just hanging out. Erika and Todd both got up on the wakeboard- it was impressive! And Aidan went out tubing with Todd. All in all it was a pretty fun week. We had a blast being a family of five with the boys! Here are some pictures from our adventures and from our weekend at the cottage before:
marley dog

ethan being cute

the boys on the dirt bike

the boys and mawlee dog watching diego

dad and ethan "floating"

kisses for bebe!

Aidan after floating down the river

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