Thursday, December 31, 2009

winter storm

The weekend before Christmas Philly was hit hard with a crazy snowstorm. We went to bed Friday night with no snow and woke up to about 4 inches on the ground! It continued to snow really hard all day and we ended up getting over a foot of snow!!! We were actually on the outer edge of the snowstorm with parts of Philadelphia receiving over 2 feet of snow!

Aaron and I love snow and operate on the policy that if it's going to be cold that there should be snow on the ground :) So, needless to say, Aaron and I were really excited with all the snow. The dogs both love the snow too and we took them out Sunday to play in it. Sadly, the snow didn't stick around for Christmas, but we enjoyed it while it lasted! Here are some pictures of our first snowstorm of the winter and the dogs (obviously) loving it :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Last Sunday was the soccer banquet for the Downingtown East girls soccer team that I helped coach this fall. My favorite thing about coaching was the players. They were crazy and funny with so many personalities. It was a fun season and the girls played great. We won the District 1 playoffs and beat their major rival Downingtown West to win the title! At the banquet, they gave me a HUGE basket full of cute baby stuff. I am so thankful for the opportunity to coach and especially to coach such a great group of girls. Here are all the great things they got me including their favorite which was the shirt that said "my mom is hot" haha and Aaron's favorite- the "spit happens" bib :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

She's not fat... she's pregnant

Being pregnant has had it's funny moments. People really say the craziest things... just last week a student made a comment about the end of the year and I said "well Brendan, I won't be here" and he said why? Then somehow at 26 weeks pregnant I shocked him by telling him that I was pregnant?! I said "well Brendan, did you think I swallowed a soccer ball?" haha he must've thought so! Over Thanksgiving, we met our friends Steve and Helene Norris for coffee and Steve proceeded to introduce me to his brother as "not fat, just pregnant" haha A woman that I work with actually made 3 comments in one day about my growing bump! I don't really mind the comments, and they always make for funny stories later ;)

I did want to add some pictures of my growing bump for my friends and family that live far away that haven't seen me in the past few months. So here is your baby bump update:

21 weeks

22 weeks

24.5 weeks

26 weeks