Saturday, April 25, 2009

drumroll please...

Over spring break, Kai had blood taken and sent to wisdom panel, a company who analyzed his blood to find out what breed(s) dog he was. We did the same with Marley only to learn that he was an exotic mutt. It's fun for us to guess what kind of dogs we have and then also have the ability to find out if we were right! I thought that Kai might have some bordie collie or lab in him. WRONG. Which makes me 0/2 in the dog breed guessing game. The results came back that Kai was a little less of a mutt than Marley. The test found that Kai had minor traces of German Shephard and Golden Retriever in him (about 12.5% of each). Meaning: One of Kai's "great-grandparents" was a German Shephard and one was a golden. These make sense and we can see a little of each in him. Kai's coloring is definitely shephard and he has that guard dog mentality too. We don't really see golden in his physical features, but Kai is really sweet and happy go lucky like goldens. The other 75% of him is just mutt. So here we are again, $100 poorer with a mutt. Lucky for us he's a perfect little dog!

Kai baby

Our handsome mutts

objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Thursday, April 23, 2009

fair weather fans...

Aaron's company is always getting us great tickets to Philadelphia sports, and Wednesday was no exception. Aaron got us tickets to the Phillies game behind home plate. They were in the first level right behind the diamond club. We were both excited to go and got there a little early to beat traffic. We were also a little nervous because the forecast had been calling for rain and we weren't under an awning. And, turned out we had a good reason to be nervous. We got into our seats in time for the national anthem and it started to pour. At that point we were already soaked so we just sat through it. It stopped raining in about the 3rd inning and we ended up just being cold and wet the rest of the game. haha BUT we just couldn't give up our great seats. They ended up losing 3-1, but at least they rallied toward the end. Jayson Werth hit a home run in the 9th to make it a little exciting! Either way, they were great seats and Phillies games are always fun. Hopefully we'll get those seats again... but next time without the rain!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break!

As a teacher in Eastern PA, every spring we get a week off of work. No complaints here. Last Friday, (our last day before break) I asked my students what they were doing over break and if they were going anywhere. I had lots of kids going to incredible places... Puerto Rico, Cali, Wales, Scotland, and the list goes on. One class asked, What are you doing Mrs. Windle? Much to my chagrin I said... Oh you know... getting my dog neutered. haha So yes, sadly, as my students will come back to school next week tan with lots of great stories, I will come back with a neutered dog. fun, fun. So since that's the only thing I have to report on ... here goes. Things went well with Kai's surgery. We just got him back home this afternoon and he's doing well. We also got a blood test on him as well (we did the same with Marley, only to find out he was an exotic mutt) So in a few weeks, we'll know what breeds our little guy is. Any guesses???