Thursday, July 31, 2008

happy anniversary!

july 29th marks two years that aaron and i have been married. two years full of laughter, road trips, moving, making big purchases, LOVE, did i say laughter? what a lucky woman i am to have such an amazing husband!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

marley... the pure bred mutt

So about 4 months ago, I started searching for different dogs to adopt. I searched for hours trying to decide the perfect dog breed for Aaron and I. Finally, we decided on a beagle. When we adopted Marley they called him "beaglet #7" and the guy (mind you it was the same guy who said he was a she) said he looked to be mostly beagle. In the beginning of July, Aaron and I took Marley to the vet to have his blood taken for his breed test. We really wanted to get an idea how big he was going to get and what he really was, although, I was positive it was going to come back a beagle/german shepherd mix. So after weeks of anticipation, the results came back. He was neither! Not an ounce of beagle in him, at least nothing that was traceable. The test said he was "an extremely complex mixed breed dog" and that "results like Marley's are found in only 15% of mixed breed dogs in the U.S." They were able to pull out "distant traces" of a few different dogs: scottish terrier (are you serious?) shiba inu, siberian husky, and weimaraner. The official analysis let us know there was a chance that maybe we'll see some traits from these dogs. haha So now, we are officially $100 poorer and own an exotic mutt. BUT, it's okay because Marley, beagle or not, is a great dog! And really, could he be any cuter?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

roommate reunion

this weekend aaron had two of his college roommates, mike and justin, in for the weekend. kelsey came out to visit too and we had a blast! friday we went golfing and saturday we went to shady maple (best breakfast ever) and out on aaron's parents boat. they also of course spent hours playing video games :) mike, justin, and kels- we had an awesome time and can't wait to have you out again!

sista and i

crazy as always :)

on the beach

aaron and mike

Monday, July 7, 2008

ahh sweet summer...

Summer is in full swing. Aaron and I are getting used to living a Morgantown and I'm enjoying some time off from school. We just spent the July 4th weekend with my (kristen's) family. Here are some pictures from our weekend at the cottage: mainly of my nephews Aidan (6) and Ethan(2) and our fast growing dog Marley.

Aidan with sparklers on the fourth

where Marley spent most of the weekend, in the shade

Our Marley dog

Ethan watching Uncle Aaron play games

Uncle Aaron and Ethan "fishing" (and for those of you that know Aaron, you realize how much he must love his nephew because he HATES fishing! haha)

the boys throwing rocks

Ethan and "mah-lee"