Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my boys

I was a little anxious about Aaron and Marley getting along since I was the one that really wanted the dog. Luckily, they love each other. Aaron plays playstation and Marley sleeps in his lap. Last night, Aaron was making ice cream and Marley came over and laid on his feet. Needless to say, they're getting along just fine :)

she.... he... whatever

Aaron and I have wanted a dog (okay, maybe just me but he went along with it) since we've been married. Because we rented, we weren't able to get a dog. As soon as we moved into our house in April, I started looking for beagle puppies on petfinder.com (if you want to rescue a dog check there- it's great!) The adoption process at most shelters was tedious, but we really wanted to rescue a dog so I filled out about a million 5 page applications. We ended up finding our dog Marley at Lamancha Animal Rescue in Unionville.

So I really wanted a girl and when we showed up at the rescue and saw the puppies we were overjoyed when the guy told us they were sisters. Aaron and I decided to pick the smaller, cuter of the two and take her home. We were SO excited! We named her Marlee and took her home with us that night. I sent pictures and messages to friends telling them how cute my girl was. The next day we took Marlee to play with Polly (my in-laws dog) and the first thing out of Diane's mouth was.... uh, Kristen, this isn't a girl. ha! So, the rescue mixed him up and it turns out the two dogs we looked at were both boys! I know what you're thinking. How could we mistake a she for a he. Well let me tell you, at 10 weeks, they look exactly the same just in different spots! haha Either way we love our pup! He is a great dog and is learning fast. We'll keep you updated on our growing boy.

Monday, May 19, 2008

finally blogging

we finally gave in and started a blog. we also got a dog and a house, so at least we've got something to talk about!