Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Everett Aaron Windle

Last Tuesday night started out like any other. I ate dinner (a huge portion of cheese tortellini by the way) and was headed out to hang out with my lovely friend Sara Wise. She was treating my pregnant self to a pedicure and I was pumped! We were in Walmart before the pedis looking at (what else) baby stuff when all of a sudden, I realized that my water had broken and it was running down my leg! This was a surprise since I had just been at the doctor that afternoon with no signs of impending labor. After going back and forth with Sara  "I think my water broke (me) No it didn't!? (her) Yea, I think my water broke? (me) No, it didn't?! (her)"  I became panicked wondering how exactly I was going to get out of Walmart without someone snapping a picture of me and putting it on ha! Sara calmly walked behind me as I frantically called Aaron. Luckily, Sara was driving her husband's car with leather seats, so I didn't do too much damage to the car (thanks Bry!). We headed back to my house to my equally frantic husband and called my doctor. We were told to report to the hospital and so we finished packing our hospital bags and were on our way. I wasn't really feeling any contractions at that point, just the nervous anticipation of labor and finally meeting our little man. We made phone calls to our parents and (me) to my work on the way to Reading Hospital. They held us in triage while I was being admitted and hence the pictures, I was still feeling just fine:

After being admitted around 8pm, we settled into our room, took a 25 minute walk, and watched episodes of Criminal Minds and 16 and pregnant... Around 11:30, they gave me a pill to jump start my contractions- and let me tell you - that's exactly what happened. After about an hour and a half of sheer pain, I was dialated to 3 cm and was given an epidural in the middle of contractions. By 5 am I was fully dialated and we frantically called our parents to get to the hospital! In the end, my doctor had us wait until the baby was ready and Everett decided to show up at 8:20 that morning, March 3, 2010! Our little man ended up weighing only 7lbs. 7ozs. and was 20 perfect inches. We could hardly believe how small he was. Just a little peanut :) Now, 7lbs. may not seem small to you, but coming from a family where 10lb. babies are common, we were expecting a jumbo baby!

an hour before Everett showed up

the whole family a little after Everett was born

getting checked out

world's best grandpa (times 2)



a little haggard after 12 hrs of labor- but it was totally worth it!

in love already

daddy- wrapped around everett's little fingers already :)

our first night together

so stinkin cute

last day at the hospital

time to go home!


no seriously, hug me, or pick me up, or something!

Marley, not sure what to think, but thoroughly interested


looking like a little old man

I'm adorable

daddy is smitten

wide eyed, for once!

I love hugs...

The past week has been quite an adventure. We are so grateful for the support of our families and friends and for all of their help! (Especially Mimi who came to stay and get up in the middle of the night to help change dirty diapers and rock Everett back to sleep!) We can't wait to see what the rest of this adventure has in store for us. Either way we are excited and thankful for this little blessing!

Sons are a heritage of the Lord, children a reward from him--- Psalm 127:3