Thursday, April 21, 2011

sometimes there just aren't enough rocks...

I've been feeling like that this past week. Really just struggling with the loss of Luke and just how unfair and terrible it feels. I've been searching the scriptures for comfort, for answers. I know that my words are nothing more than nice words, but that scripture can bring comfort and life and joy back to Sara and Keith. I find that the Psalms bring so much comfort and peace. Psalm 40 in particular is my prayer for them:

I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned and heard my cry. 
He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
out of the mud and mire;
he set my feet on a rock
and gave me a firm place to stand. 
He put a new song in my mouth, 
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear
and put their trust in the Lord. 

I am praying with confidence, knowing that the Lord will pull them out of their hurt and despair, He will be their solid ground to stand on, and eventually He will give them joy in their hearts. I know that the Lord uses his people to tell the message of his love and redemption, and I believe that He will do that through the faith of Sara and Keith. Please continue to pray for healing in their hearts, peace with unanswed questions, and comfort for each moment.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Remembering Luke

Sara Thomas is one of my best friends. Her and I have shared life together the last four years. It was an instant friendship based on our love for Jesus and teaching high school kids. We work together in the same department, teach the same course, share materials and lunches and rides to school.  There have been plenty of weekend grad classes, morning coffee runs and shopping trips. We've been there with each other for her wedding and the birth of both of our boys. And on Tuesday, I was with my dear friend when her baby boy went to heaven.

There aren't any words to describe the grief and pain that I feel for my sweet friend. I can't pretend to even understand how she's feeling. The only thing I do know and cling to is a sovereign, faithful God. God didn't create us to experience death, death is here because of sin. No wonder it doesn't make sense and is seemingly impossible to deal with. I know that Christ is mourning with Sara and Keith. In all of this, I am 100% sure that the Lord will stand by Sara and Keith and give them what they need to make it through the next hours, weeks, and months. Pray with me for Sara, Keith and their families. Pray for peace and comfort and for the reminder that there is hope because Jesus not only lived this life and understands our hurts, but also because he died and took on our sins for the redemption of mankind.

I love you Sara Thomas and I loved your little boy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

DIY Update

Back in February I gave you a list of projects that we're working on around the house. We've crossed a few things off that list and added a few more! Here's the new, revised list:

1- Fix the kitchen light.
2- Repaint the dining room.
3. (Neatly) mount the television above our fireplace.
4. Get rid of the Tiffany's-esque chandelier that hangs in an awkward place in our living room.
5. Update the ceiling fan in our bedroom.
6. Rearrange the furniture in the living room.
7. Add some wall art to our master bedroom/bathroom/living room.
8. Update our upstairs bathroom light fixtures.
9. Repaint the red in the half bath.
10. Sell living room and mancave couches on craigslist.
11. Find a sectional for the living room and redecorate!

We picked out a glossy black paint to cover up the hideousness that was our kitchen light. It turned out pretty good with only 10 minutes of painting! Eventually we would like to replace the light completely, but that includes drywall, spacle, and other things we don't have time to mess with at the moment. So for now, the black paint will just have to do :)

Mounting the flat screen above the fireplace took a little longer. Seth came up and helped Aaron. They cut a small hole into the drywall behind the tv, ran the wires, and swapped a regular faceplate for one that would accommodate all the wires. They made it look easy and did it in one night! At first, I was unsure. Did we do the right thing? The tv looked huge above the fireplace. I then had to figure out what the heck I was going to do to decorate it. I poured over design blogs and googled my heart out, but found that most people think you shouldn't mount a tv above the fireplace.... too late for that. I knew I needed something a little taller to balance out the tv. I remembered seeing a tutorial for 10 minute topiaries and started thinking maybe that would be the solution for my design problems. It took me 6 stores to find the exact pots I wanted and about $8 for each topiary, but I ended up loving the results!

We ended up rearranging the furniture in the living room and dining room; however, I couldn't find a picture of what the original set up looked like?! I guess the big reveal will have to be after we re-do it, color scheme, couches, and all. I started getting this itch to switch things up, especially in my living room. I talked to Aaron about it and he said that we didnt' really need new furniture. I agreed because, well, he was right. Our couches are in great condition, but they are a red plaid and kind of hard to decorate around. We agreed to sell our 2 couch sets on craigslist and use the proceeds to buy the new couch. I've decided I think I want a sectional. Hopefully I'll have an update for you in the next month!

So there you go. We've got a few things off our list... and added a few more!

Monday, April 4, 2011

sun and seventies. finally.

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. Sunny and warm... heck it felt balmy after 5 months of cold temps! We decided to get out and enjoy the warm weather before the rain starts up tomorrow. The doggies needed a good walk and we wanted to try out Everett's sweet new wagon. Mimi and Pop-pop, Aunt Erika, and Aunt Kelsey got him an awesome radio flyer wagon. It's like the cadillac of wagons. It has two flip up seats with straps (which we NEED since Everett doesn't sit still or stay in one place unless tied down), cup holders, and room for two. Everett ended up loving it! We walked for 45 minutes and not once did he do anything but smile, babble, and squeal! I'm looking forward to many nights this summer on long walks with my little fam ...

a little unsure at first...

 getting excited!

 smiling at daddy

 watching the cars go by while we wait to cross route 10

Thanks Mimi, Pop-pop, Aunt Erika, and Aunt Kelsey! I love it!!!