Sunday, June 7, 2009

5k day

RUNNING... It has never been my favorite, more of a means to an end to be in shape for soccer; however, I had a bunch of friends that ran in the Pittsburgh marathon and was inspired to start running again. About a month ago, I found a 5k race near us and decided to do it. Unfortunately, within that month, I only ran a few times, and only ran 3 miles once. ha! I dragged Aaron to the 5k with me and my friend Ashleigh too! The goal was to finish the race without walking and hopefully do it in a decent time. The course was hard (compared to my flat loop at home) with a good part of it going uphill.

At one point during the race I was feeling pretty tired- you know, when your mind starts telling you just to walk. Well, I heard a conversation going on between two runners behind me. It was a man talking about the fact that he had a heart attack the year before and wasn't allowed to get his heart rate over 160. He then went on to discuss the fact that he was running 15 5k's this summer, one of which he ran on Friday. It was at that point that I decided there was no way this man who was on the brink of death the year before was going to beat me to the finish line. I mean, come on- I'm a 25 year old, former collegiate athlete?! It ended up being the motivation that I needed, and we finished out the race at a good pace. We finished in 30:30 which wasn't great, but we were just happy to finish, considering we haven't really ran much since college. I was seriously impressed with some of these runners. The winner was a man who did it in 15 minutes! All in all, it was fun to do. I might even do another one this summer, although, I think I might run a few more times before the next one... ;)

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