Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a month of firsts...

Everett made his first trip to IKEA with me and my good friend Sara Thomas. I always forget that they don't give you bags, so Everett was stuck holding everything. He didn't seem to mind ;)

It seems like we can never quite finish all of the bananas before they start turning mushy. This was one of those mornings, so I decided that the mushy bananas should be used to make some chocolate chip banana bread. Everett sat in his bumbo seat and watched me make it. He loved the noise of the little hand mixer and fell asleep watching me. First try at making banana bread "together" was a success!

First July 4th holiday.
Everett got to see fireworks in Downingtown, although he didn't seem all that impressed?!

First attempt at eating rice cereal.
He was unsure at first, but ended up loving it. We can't seem to shovel it in fast enough now!

First trip to the cottage. I spent my childhood traveling to Tionesta, PA (north of Pittsburgh) and playing in the river, hiking in the woods, and fishing with my dad. I have so many great memories of that little cottage on the Allegheny, and I'm thankful that Everett can have the same!

First tube ride. We dropped Mimi, Pop-pop, Aaron and the boys at the bridge about a 1/2 mile upstream from the cottage. Aaron was so excited to take Everett! He cried for a little bit, but Aaron said he really seemed to enjoy it! It was also Everett's first time wearing his life vest from Grammy. He didn't seem to mind it, which is good because I forsee Everett getting a lot of use out of that little vest :)

It's pretty amazing how much fun we've had with Everett. Watching him experience new and different things makes it that much more fun for us. He is awesome and we're loving every minute of being his parents :)


paulandsarah said...

So cute Kristen! I love the sleeping bumbo picture! SOOO cute. Glad Everett is doing good.

Katie said...

haa--Oh my gosh, HI! I had no idea! lol :) I have definitely stopped by yours too and checked up on your little cutie. I know Seth...through my brother in law, brent and such--and he's done work on my parents house. So funny!

blogging comes does not said...

thanks for your sweet comment, dear! i love getting to see you and your little guy...what a cutie pie he is!! hope to see you at the game tonight!