Saturday, November 8, 2008

A long overdue thank you...

Some of my best childhood memories I remember through photos. Crazy outfits worn by kels, pictures of halloween when we were little, and of course pictures of my sisters and I in matching dresses. Every Christmas and Easter until I was about 10 my mom made Erika, Kelsey, and I matching dresses. It was always fun to help mom pick out the fabric and wear our pretty dresses on special holidays. Everyone at church waited to see what my mom would come up with next. Since then, I have turned to my mom to make me clothes, bedding, fix Aarons pants, hem my pants, etc. She is always trying to get me to sew... but I'm not the seamstress she is. When we moved into our house, she told us she wanted to make us a quilt for our bedroom. So, when her and dad came to visit in June we spent a day running around Chester and Berks counties to find the perfect fabric for our quilt. My mom worked tirelessly on the quilt (and curtains, pillows, and bedskirt!) and had it done for me the beginning of August! It is beautiful and we LOVE it! Mom, thanks for the many gifts, but especially this one. We love you :)

pictures of mom's handiwork:

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paulandsarah said...

Your room is so cute! I love all of the colors.