Monday, March 16, 2009

Prestigious Blog Award...

A friend from Pittsburgh nominated our blog for this (thanks Sarah!) and while our blog is just the randomness of our life, I thought it was fun! When you accept the award, you are supposed to list 5 things that you are addicted to. When I asked Aaron what he thought my #1 was he said, "football? sportscenter? sex? " haha. Here are my REAL answers...

1. My husband. Aaron is the best thing about my life, second only to Jesus. We are constantly laughing... which I love. He is funny and crazy and the most handsome man ever. I am so lucky!

2. My dogs. Marley and Kai currently run my life. haha No, I really love them. I'm constantly taking them on walks, teaching them new tricks, or reading Cesar Milan's books to try to figure them out more. My favorite time of day is right before bed when Aaron and I read in bed and Marley and Kai lay there with us.

3. My family. Aaron and I both have amazing families. We have incredible parents who loved us and taught us to love Jesus. I love having 2 brothers (Sethie and Luke) and there's nothing like sisters. Seriously- Erika and Kelsey are awesome and I love them dearly. And, one of the best things in the world is to be an aunt! I couldn't love my nephews more :)

4. My friends. I have the most amazing friends. My bests from high school are still my best friends now. Alysa, Amy, and Lauren have been with me through high school, college, been in my wedding, and watched me grow up. They are the kind of friends that everyone should be lucky enough to have. I have my college friends and roommates that loved me and taught me so much. Sara, Al, Nat, Becca, and Cait helped me grow, encouraged me to date Aaron "as Nat said.. because he's such a nicey" and often times knew me better than myself. My friends today are from church, my bible study, and work. They are women who truly seek Christ and his kingdom and their love for Him is contagious. They befriended me and have given me the ability to call Philadelphia home. Bef, Jess, Lucarella, Smagee, Ashleigh, Julie, Lisa and so many more... My friendships are what makes life fun and exciting, and bearable when it's unbearable.

***I realized that these are all relationships,which could technically be just 1, so here are a few other things that I'm addicted to...

5. The Office. This is seriously one of the funniest shows... ever! Aaron and I only started watching it after we got sick of Grey's Anatomy (so we missed the first 4 seasons). Aaron got me season 1 for Christmas and when that finished we promptly went out and bought season 2. and then season 3. and season 4. I'm pretty positive we spent the entire month of January in our basement watching that show. If you don't watch it... you should!

6. Pilates. It's my new obsession thanks to Ashleigh. Best workout EVER.

7. Bargain shopping. As my mom always says, "if there's a good deal, Kristen will find it" and I have to agree. I am addicted to good deals. Latest bargain- yellow mary janes at Goodwill, but actually brand new Target shoes.. $4. Seriously, call me next time you go shopping...

8. Chocolate and cherry coke. Not necessarily together. In fact, I am so addicted I had to give them up for lent. Seriously. My thighs will thank me later ;)

So there you go. More than you ever needed to know about me!

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