Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break!

As a teacher in Eastern PA, every spring we get a week off of work. No complaints here. Last Friday, (our last day before break) I asked my students what they were doing over break and if they were going anywhere. I had lots of kids going to incredible places... Puerto Rico, Cali, Wales, Scotland, and the list goes on. One class asked, What are you doing Mrs. Windle? Much to my chagrin I said... Oh you know... getting my dog neutered. haha So yes, sadly, as my students will come back to school next week tan with lots of great stories, I will come back with a neutered dog. fun, fun. So since that's the only thing I have to report on ... here goes. Things went well with Kai's surgery. We just got him back home this afternoon and he's doing well. We also got a blood test on him as well (we did the same with Marley, only to find out he was an exotic mutt) So in a few weeks, we'll know what breeds our little guy is. Any guesses???

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