Friday, August 21, 2009

crazy, busy summer (august)

August was full of vacations... we went to Canada with Aaron's family. We had some great weather and enjoyed our time up there as usual. It was really nice seeing our Kewley cousins since they live in Virginia and Oklahoma! The dogs loved being in Canada because they were allowed off leash and were able to roam where they wanted. It was awesome just seeing them be dogs and made us feel bad when we had to leash them after we left! We left Canada a few days early and headed to my parent's cottage in Tionesta, PA. We were there during the Indian Festival and got to go to the parade and of course golfing. We feel so blessed to have such incredible families and cherish our time spent with them!

kai getting a stick and logan pretending to be just like him :)

aaron getting ready to take off from the dock

boo ya


marley throughly enjoying the boat :)

logan throughly enjoying marley :)

boat ride at night

the windle fam

The end of August has brought soccer season and the start of rugby for Aaron. Soccer has been fun and exhausting. I am enjoying the opportunity to coach- it reminds me how much I miss soccer and playing! We also purchased an SUV!!! We bought a Honda Pilot and are loving all of the room, as opposed to our 2 little sedans. I know, I know, it's not very earth friendly, but I figure having a hybrid balances it out ;)

our new car!

After such a crazy, busy summer I feel more tired than refreshed, but it's okay because we had so much fun in all of it! I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe, life will slow down sometime soon :)

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