Friday, December 24, 2010

sweet moments...

We were in the car driving to Christmas festivities with Aaron's family. We were listening to Bing Crosby Christmas, talking and planning and just enjoying these moments in between the running around and crazy-ness of the holiday festivities. Everett started babbling sweetly in the back seat and I grabbed Aaron's hand and just held it. We didn't really say anything, but I knew he was feeling exactly what I was --- that there was nothing sweeter, no where else I'd rather be, then right there in that moment with him and Everett. I could feel the urge to cry rising up in my throat, just thinking about how incredibly happy I was right then. How blessed I felt to be sharing a car and my life with these two people. I'm so thankful for moments like that: moments where my heart feels so full it might burst. Moments that I just want to freeze in time and re-live over and over. There have been so many of those sweet moments this year and I'm just so thankful for each one.

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